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Sprinter and Metris Integration

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SmartKey Starter®

The same proven remote start interface used in thousands of Mercedes-Benz luxury sedans is also available for Sprinter.  Add full alarm with factory fob contol, RF remotes, and smart phone control using Compustar alarm/remote start module with the SmartKey Starter® Learn more

Metris Alarm Integration

Mid City offers plug and play alarm solutions for Mercedes Metris Vans.  Add full alarm with factory key fob control, RF remotes, and smart phone control. 

Plug and play alarm interface for Compustar alarm

Full kit including Compustar alarm 

Full kit including Compustar alarm and Drone smart phone control

Smartphone Integration

Smart Key Starter® integrates with smartphone interfaces, including Compustar Drone® and Directed Smart Start®.

Enjoy virtually unlimited range, remote start, and door lock control via an Android or iOS device. Learn more

Sprinter Van Backup Camera

The 906CAM is an OBDII backup camera programmer for the Sprinter.  Plug-and-play install and programming is as simple as starting the ignition. Buy programmer only or as a kit that includes custom Sprinter camera that replaces third brake light lens. Learn more

Metris Backup Camera

The METRISCAM is a plug-and-play CAN interface and backup camera programmer for the Mercedes Metris. One-button programming takes less than 15 seconds. Purchase programmer only or with a camera. Learn more

Smart Idle™

Control RPM’s at idle with your Sprinter’s cruise control. Feed extra power to vehicle accessories or warm up the engine quicker. Smart Idle™ for Mercedes-Sprinter gives you more control of your Sprinter without adding buttons or extra controls. Learn more