Mercedes electronic ignition switch (EIS) removal tool for SmartKey StarterĀ®

List of required and recommended models for installation

The EIS removal tool is an OEM Mercedes tool that allows for removal of the ring that holds the electronic ignition cylinder (EIS) in many Mercedes Benz vehicle dashboards.  Since all SmartKey Starter® installations require access to the rear of the EIS, this tool is either required or recommended for installing the SmartKey Starter® in some models.  See full lists below. 

Models that require EIS removal tool for SmartKey Starter® Installation

  • GLK 2010-2015 
  • E Class 2014-2016 
  • CLS 2015-2016 

Models that EIS removal tool allows for easier SmartKey Starter® Installation

  • Sprinter 2007-2017
  • E Class 2004-2013
  • SL 2003-2011
  • CLS 2004-2015